Breaking Point

by Izzythedestryr

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verse 1;
i'm not mad at you, i'm sad that you'd, never even tell me how you felt, that's how they dealt the cards? fine. I guess i'll just play it hard.
knowing damn well i'm a softy, and in being so, has cost me,
a life of being comfortable, i'm done with seeking nuptuals,
the day that I have a girlfriend is the day that the world ends,
caught up in a whirlwind, a black pearl sunken, my ship, who
would've thunk that you would up and leave me drunken?
pass me a corona, fuck it just pass me two of em
feel like i'm just seeking my ruin fuck it i'm through with em
people that leave me broken, regret the words I have spoken
for granted taken my token, affection just an emotion,
rejection just let it soak in! drown me in jack, no need for coke or hope
i'm feeling low so mix it with 'nac, i'm feeling apt to act brash,
think my balls made of brass, this whirlwind, the world spins,
bandicoot til I crash, cherish nothing I act rash, perish bumping,
no tact crass, until they put me in my grave, i'll continue to fuckin spaz
spetnaz is the mindset, hash is the brine yet I still think of you and realize i'm not fine yet


Hi dad! I tried to call, I even sent you a text, I got no response at all,
every year the same case, another frown on my face, I face facts, I feel four every fathers day, I still remember when you left, What a feeling for me, I hang like a chain, my brain and these memories, these memories a mammary, a nip and a tit, I could rant, rave and bitch but you don't give a shit, you see your son is a crisis, and i don't know if you like it, but know that he's not a psychic, he's pretty beat when you ike it, mama hit me up know when i'm crying inside dying and hiding my pride know when i'm lying whenever I say i'm fine yeah i'm fine
yep everythings good you see I grew to be a man but I never took off my hood so i'm klan rally a fan of a racist her name is sally a shadow stuck in a booth, remember the truth whenever I think of you.

(chorus x2)


released June 18, 2013



all rights reserved



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